Top 5 SEO Prevailing Trends 2018 That Will Surely Shake You Up

It feels that the year 2018 is already in a hurry because days are passing so quickly. Not only this, the technology trends have made people goggle-eyed.

Gone are the days when conventional methods of SEO guaranteed end results. As the Google is presently collecting more information about the Internet surfer, the more specific and accurate search results are returned.

Want to take on the game of search engine optimization for your business in Dubai? Well done, you have arrived at the right place. Feel free to adopt recent SEO trends to get ultimate success in 2018?

Search Engine Optimization for Your Business in Dubai

Top 5 SEO Prevailing Trends 2018 That Will Surely Shake You Up

Latest Tips and Tricks to Work for SEO 2018

Below are given the most perfectly working tips to get ahead of search games in major search engines. It will not only help the professionals to modify their existing strategies to meet the New Year requirements. But also will help the tech geeks to know what’s in the fashion presently.

So, here we go!

Mobile comes first

The Google has made a massive shift from PCs to mobile. This roll-out is largely based on smart device indexing.

It means that the websites with mobile responsiveness will get more priority than the others. So, responsiveness has become a trendsetter in SEO 2018.

To the present day, the Google has been estimating the relevance of responsive websites with desktop web pages. According to statistics, more than 65 percent Internet users are using smart devices. Therefore, the future belongs to mobile first search indexes.

Google has been working on AMP since the start of 2017, and it was an expected trend which is getting popularity in the present time.

However, proper awareness campaigns are essential to keep the people aware of changing trends.

Speak to Search

Voice search is a phenomenal development. According to statistics, one out of the total five is already using this option to search the Internet.

Further, the voice-activated devices produced by the Amazon and Google are getting extreme popularity among the people across the world. However, the release of Pixel 2 Phone has created a loud buzz in the world.

Google is expected to make more advancements in voice led services and devices. However, Google assistant is the new trend in 2018.

Schema and Website Layouts

Schema markups and micro-data is a hot topic of the year. It is related to the technical aspect of search engine optimization. The Google requires the website schema should be more compact and easy to adjust to smart devices.

Not only this, it is important to incorporate content to fulfill the requirements of users naturally. The search engines require the websites to be more user engaging and self-sufficient.

It means that data available on the web pages should be according to the expectations of users. So, the role of keyword placement has been transformed completely. What is important? The intent of visitors!

Featured Snippets

The SEO has seen rapid growth over the past years. The most important change to notice was the display of featured snippets. Presently more than 30 percent of user queries are entertained using feature snippets on the Google.

In the past, more than 10 percent Google traffic was grasped by the featured snippets automatically. However, this trend is expected to gain more strength in the near future.

Therefore, the impact and role of Q&A, feedback and FAQ are going to lead the whole process of SEO in the coming future. Don’t wait to watch! Get up and work hard for better positioning in the search engines.

Cunning Content

Web page content enjoyed a superior place over the Internet. Of course, it is the information people are looking for. So, it is considered the king.

If you have successfully generated unique and optimized SEO content that excites the interest of users and search engines, your website will get higher ranking.

It was a good strategy in the past. However, it has become imperative to meet the requirements of users’ intent. Therefore, the content is required to be smart in a way that it can drive users without increasing bounce rate.

Thought but not yet Final – Concluding remarks

As an additional bonus, it is crucial to realize the fact that SEO has emerged as a technical field of study rather just techniques and methods.

The time is changing, so the trends are also. The technology led global markets including Dubai are paying more attention to seek innovative methods of search engine optimization.

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