SEO Tips That Will Do Wonders For Your Web Design

Web design and search engine optimization (SEO) have always had a mutually beneficial bond.

You won’t get good page rankings if your website isn’t designed well, but even the best of designs will fail if they’re not optimized well.

You can’t have one without due consideration for the other!

With that in mind, we’re going to be talking about the 3 SEO tips you’ll need to know in the UAE to ensure that your websites don’t just look great, they rank incredibly high too!

SEO Tips That Will Do Wonders For Your Web Design | Website Design Dubai

Let’s begin.

1. Give content the highest priority

A few years ago, the biggest craze in SEO practices was keyword stuffing; any web page that managed to naturally fill up their landing page with a ton of keywords usually found themselves the highest ranked on Google or Yahoo!

Modern SEO, however, is all about quality content!

Give content the highest priority

Content is the life force of a website and it’s what search engines feed on. It tells them what each page on the website is about, and it’s important that you recognize what they’re looking for.

Website design Dubai based companies recommend making sure you take two things into account:

  • Good structure  for the content (Headings, paragraphs, and links)
  • Filling up all the pages

The structure allows Google’s spiders to crawl through your content more efficiently and quickly (which they love!), and the presence of quality work on each page tells them that the site is trustworthy!

2. Don’t forget the backlinks

Backlinks are the second most important factor of good SEO, after providing quality content! The only problem is that this isn’t something you can necessarily control.

Don’t forget the backlinks

Our advice is that you spend less time trying to ask people to backlink their blog posts to your page, and more time actually writing good content that’s likely to be shared.

Another great practice you can do is to start guest posting on other people’s blogs. If their viewers like what they see in your posts, you’re likely going to get more views and potentially more clients on your websites!

3. SEO-friendly URLs

A clear and logical URL is essential for a well-optimized website.

Search engines and customers don’t like it if your URL doesn’t tell them exactly what services or products you’re going to be offering. In the least, the URL should at least have your keyword.

SEO-friendly URLs

A better way to understand this is through the following example:

If a customer was looking for a clothing shop in Dubai, they’d much prefer to click




And the same rule applies to search engines.

In conclusion

In the ever-competitive UAE market, staying on top of the latest SEO trends can make all the difference in a business’ potential success.

If you’d like to see the above tips (and more!) implemented on your website but don’t have the required expertise, we’d highly recommend getting in touch with one of the web development companies in Dubai.

They’ll help you create a website from scratch and optimize it professionally to get the best out of the design!

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