Most Important SEO Techniques For 2017

Everyone around the world wants to touch the top of Google, but it’s a really tricky and hard thing. Approximately, there are around 200 factors which influences on the ranking of any website against its targeted keywords. Some of them are really proven, whereas some are controversial ones.

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When we talk about the most important factor which depends on the whole process of ranking, it’s always “the Content”. “Content is the King”, it is said right as far as the SEO of a website is concerned. There are other factors also which play a role and are offered by SEO company Dubai and others.

Are links not Important?

We have recently heard some nerds talking that the links are not important anymore. But that’s completely ridiculous and foolish. If a content won’t have links in it then what would it refer to? So we must consider links really important and put links in our content on the targeted keywords.

The ranking factor depends on the following:

  • The more you have external links, the more it’s beneficial for you. In simple words the more the volume of external links, the better the results would be.
  • The anchor text with the links must be related to the page they are redirected to. A keyword must redirect to its related pages, not to an irrelevant page.
  • The quality of the links also matter a lot in the ranking process. If you are able to get links from the reputable and high authority website then this will help in better ranking your website.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing through social media is really important in the process of SEO. The proper sharing and getting good traffic from that content via that sharing is vital. Your content shall be informative and should refer to your services, you need to keep your audiences engaged, so they arrive to your site.

Content Marketing

You need to apply proper SEO techniques to the content. That is how you can ensure the success through content marketing. Apart from that, it’s also really important to remain updated about the latest Google Algorithms to gain good ranking for your website related keywords in the search engine.


These are really important SEO techniques which you need to follow in 2017. The SEO Company Dubai and many others around the world keep themselves updated with the google algorithms and content marketing trends to achieve good ranking in the Google search engine.

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