How Mobile Phones Have Changed E-commerce

E-commerce refers to the transactions, buying or selling, that take place on the internet. E-commerce, as an industry, has grown to a $22 million market, keeping up with the ever-increasing growth of the internet.

The major contribution to this industry has always come from desktop computers and laptops, but over the past few years, mobile phones and tablets have started to cause quite a stir.

According to statistics, sales over handheld devices accounted for 12% of all transactions on the internet. By 2016, this number had jumped to an impressive 31%! That means almost 1 in every 3 customer prefers using their phones for all online transactions, but what caused this impressive change?

How Mobile Phones Have Changed E-commerce | Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

How Mobile Commerce has changed

The most obvious change has been in customer trust levels. Most consumers agree that mobile phone commerce is now safer than it has ever been before, which is mostly due to increased standards of security from all parties involved.

All E-commerce transactions are carried out either through online payment directly via banks, or through digital wallets like new emerging Apple Pay and PayPal, etc. Over the past few years, increasing concern from customers over the safety of online banking has led to established safety and security standards, and move convenience through these services.

Another big change has been in how corporations have evolved to optimize website usage over the smaller screens of smart phones.  This has been essential in ensuring customer convenience and loyalty. In Dubai web design companies have started to offer separate services for mobile phone optimized websites and mobile app development.

People don’t enjoy poorly optimized websites, and the stats prove this. Almost 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site than from one that isn’t, even if it means trying out new brands.

Another factor that’s lead to the increase of mobile commerce is simply the ease of use it’s gives to customers. The widespread availability of mobile phone service provider networks over 3g and 4g means customers have access to the internet at the touch of a finger tip, any time they like.

Consider this: You’re at a tech shop looking to buy a new mouse for your desktop computer. The salesman helps you narrow down to a few options, but you’re unsure of which one is best suited to your needs. Thanks to your mobile phone’s networks, you can not only instantly check out reviews for all these mice online, you can also compare prices on different stores.

 This is why it’s become so essential for businesses to ensure they tap in to this massive well of customers.

What this Means for New Businesses

The statistics are pretty clear. More and more customers are resorting to their mobile devices for the majority of their online transactions. As a new business, you have to ensure you’re catering to this huge customer base.

This not only means having a mobile-friendly website or app, but also one that’s convenient, easy-to-use, quick, and one that works seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

If you’re looking to invest in eCommerce solutions Dubai is an excellent place to be. Most of the web design companies in the city are heavily experienced in helping new businesses set up and find their footing in the industry. These companies will also develop excellently optimized apps and mobile-friendly websites for your business.

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