Cross-Platform – The Best Choice For Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are the popular moneymaking tools for business owners. Most of the developers are focusing on apps that just support a single OS. However, apps that are supporting a wide range of devices and work normally on all of the OS’s are the trendy money-making tools for business owners.

During the planning phase, the first step is to decide either it will be a cross-platform or just a single OS will support it. Both cross-platform and its companion are having their own strengths and weaknesses. Based on these pros and cons, they are targeting different ranges of users.

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Advantages of Cross-Platform Applications:

Developing a cross-platform mobile application is extremely cost effective for development firms. Just a single base of code is reused so that the application can be supported by different operating systems. There is no need of re-creating the same code for a different platform which can save both time and expenses.

Certain development firms, including mobile app development Dubai have introduced innovative features for making changes in existing applications. As these apps use the original code in its proceeding versions, developers have to change the base code. This way, every single update of the app capture the changes made in its original code.

Types of Cross-Platform Applications:

The most well-known feature of a cross-platform app is that they can be used irrespective of device and operating system. Native and HTML5 Hybrid apps are the most common types of cross-platform applications which are discussed as follows.

Native Mobile Apps:

All of the operating systems have their own software development kits known as SDK’s. An SDK specific to an OS allow developers to develop applications that will be supported by that OS only. Using API does allow them to develop native cross-platform apps.

After finalizing the original code, then developers use an integrated API to make the code supported by other OS’s. This way, the code efficiently works on different platforms irrespective of the programming language that was used to develop the app.

Hybrid HTML5 Apps:

With the introduction of HTML5 technology, business owners can access a hybrid cross-platform app with the help of a reputable web development company in Dubai. Such an innovative technology allows developers to use HTML5, JavaScript and CSS in a combined form.

Based on certain web browser features within individual SDK of every operating system give an opportunity to developers to use HMTL5 technology. Additionally, developers can also use different components of a device to work in combination with the platform elements.

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